Middle Stour

Not truly known as a chalk stream but is the home to a handful of rather special, totally wild Brown Trout, in totally wild surroundings. Most have never been caught before and there is chance of a real monster.

It is tough fishing, but it will be a totally new experience in your fly fishing world, that I can guarantee….. Also chance of a big chub during mayfly, or a pike on the fly during a winter break….

Again we have a “House Permit” and our guests will be allocated a FREE session (if you have time) on this fishery during their holiday….

Brown Trout fishing 1st April to 15th October

View Day Ticket Prices

River Beat Rules

Method of fly fishing
Any Fly Methods associated with your chosen quarry, barbless hooks

Size and catch limits

Fishing Day
Your fishing day can begin at dawn and cease an hour after sunset so you can enjoy the evening rise.

Environment Agency
Please ensure that you have a valid Environment Agency rod licence, and that your landing net is knotless

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